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Your Carpet Is Harboring Germs, Dead Skin and Fleas Clean It Once in a While!

Duct and vent cleaning

Did you know that the average human can shed around 1.5 million flakes of skin in just an hour? Gross, right? Even worse, almost all of them will end up embedded into the carpet. It is not just sanctuary for skin cells, though. You can very often find fleas in there, just waiting to pounce and bite anything warm that walks by. When the carpet is dry, the adults will thrive there because of the temperature. Whereas if it is damp, the eggs will love the environment. It is difficult to win unless you clean your carpet vigilantly.

Sometimes your standard vacuum cannot do the trick. For instance, if you require any pet stain removal, chances are that you will need to look into professional carpet cleaning.

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The Cabinets Are Just the Beginning

Contemporary kitchen cabinetry

If you own a house, you are always thinking about what you should replace next. Are you going to have the bathroom redone, or are you going to refurbish the kitchen instead? Replacing kitchen cabinets is one thing that a lot of people choose to do. The reason is because replacing kitchen cabinets is fairly easy to do and it can greatly increase the value of a house.

That being said, there are other things that people do that can increase the value of a house. That is why a lot of people will choose not only custom kitchen cabinetry. They will also look into the benefits of granite countertops. One of the reason that a lot of people decide on buying granite countertops is beca

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