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Locksmithing is a conventional trade. In many countries locksmithing requires the completion of an apprenticeship. The education requirement varies from country to country. It can be a training certificate awarded by an employer or a diploma from an engineering college. Future locksmiths in the United States tend to train under a master locksmith for at least a year before becoming proficient enough in the trade. During their apprenticeships, 24 hour locksmiths are trained mainly in the installation and picking of dead bolts. 24 hour locksmiths are trained to duplicate any type of key during their apprenticeship. Locksmiths can be mobile, institutional, commercial, or investigational and many are 24 hour locksmiths. Locksmiths might specialize in one aspect of the skill, such as an automotive lock specialist, a safe technician, or a master key system specialist. Some locksmith services act as security consultants, however, not all security consultants have the skills and knowledge of a locksmith.

Traditionally, locksmiths constructed or repaired an entire lock, including its component parts. Now that mass production of locks has risen, this has been less common and most locks are repaired through like-for-like replacements, high-security safes, and strongboxes. Many safe locksmiths work on existing door hardware, including hinges, frame repairs, door closers, electric strikes, or servicing electronic locks by making keys.
Although fitting and replacing keys is an important part of locksmithing, 24 hour locksmiths are mainly involved in the installation of high quality lock-sets and the design, implementation, and management of keying and key control systems. 24 hour locksmiths are on call 24 hours a day in order to assist in unlocking peoples houses, cars, and personal belongings that they might be locked out of.

Since 2010, the locksmith industry has steadily grown. In 2012, the total revenue was over $1.6 billion and there were more than 3,600 locksmiths in operation. When it comes to break ins, 65% of home break ins in the United States occur during the day, according to the FBI. The FBI also states that over 33.2% of break ins are illegal entries through unlocked windows and doors. Make sure to keep your windows and doors locked while you are away, even if only for a short period of time and call a 24 hour locksmith if you get locked out.
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