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Concerned About Water Damage? Follow These Tips for Keeping Your Valuables Safe

Wet basement solutions

Everyone knows that the outside of their house needs to be prepared for the elements. It needs to hold up to wind, snow and rain, making waterproofing the outside of your house essential. Most houses are already fairly waterproof from the outside when you buy them. The inside, on the other hand, may not be quite as ready to face the stormy weather. While the outside of your home can hold its own against the rain, the inside of your home contains many delicate items and structures that can be destroyed by water damage. If you want to make sure that the valuables in your home are safe from the potential threat of water damage, follow this advice:

  1. Battery Backup Sump Pump – Installing a basement sump pump is an effective way to remove water and moisture from your basement, but

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From Power Tools to Bobcats, Equipment Rental is Expanding for Contractors and DIY-ers Alike

Bobcat equipment rental

Did you know that most construction equipment being produced is being rented? It’s true: in the past few years, just over half of construction equipment has bypassed retail outlets and gone right to rental lots. In fact, more contractors find it beneficial to rent equipment rather than buy it, especially if they’re waiting for commercial equipment repairs to be completed. And even homeowners who don’t work in the construction business can benefit from power equipment rental.

It can be difficult, though, to make sense of the various types of construction equipment rentals available, from forklift and Bobcat equipment rental all the way down to renting hand and power tools. No matter what type of project you’re working on, here are some rentals that your job could benefit from:


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