Three Reasons To Hire a Tree Removal Company

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If you notice a dead or dying tree in your yard, you will likely realize the threat it poses to you, your home and your family: the tree could fall at any time or even send it’s branches falling to the ground, putting anyone or anything below at risk. For this reason, hiring a tree removal company to perform tree trimming and tree removal services is often a necessary step to restore your property’s safety.

However, some homeowners, for whatever reason, want to try to accomplish this tree removal process by themselves. But now matter how much time you spend looking up tree root removal tips and investigating tree removal techniques, tree removal is a job best left to the professionals for a number of reasons. Read on to learn why hiring tree removal contractors is almost certainly the best choice for you.

Tree Roots Grow Deep
While tree root removal tips on the internet may make this process seem easy, tree root removal is a serious task that requires special work, equipment and training. This is because root structures can become as big as the tree itself: if the soil meets ideal requirements for moisture, oxygen and soil compaction, roots have been shown to grow to more than 20 feet deep. However, roots are more likely to expand outward, especially in urban areas or places where the soil drainage is poor. This means that roots can often grow under buildings and other structures in its quest for proper nutrients and sufficient water. Unfortunately, it is usually impossible to tell how tree roots have grown until the tree is in the process of being removed. In these cases, a professional is usually required to determine the best way to handle the removal process without damaging anything in the vicinity.

There May Be a Simple Solution to a Problem
If you know that your tree is dead or dying, you may assume that it should immediately be cut down and uprooted. However, there is usually an easier answer that can help protect your land and your family: for example, problematic branches can be trimmed and stumps can be ground down, reducing the need to remove the entire plant. As someone inexperienced in the field, you likely won’t be able to adequately assess the necessary work, but a contractor will.

The Threat of an Accident is a Serious Concern
The Scottish poet Robert Burns wisely noted in his poem “To a Mouse”, that “the best laid plans o’mice an’ men/Gang aft agley” (or, “often go awry”). It doesn’t matter how many tree root removal tips you read or how long you study up on trunk thickness, common tree diseases and other factors: the chance of a problem occurring is almost always present, making the situation best navigated by a tree removal company. This not only increases your personal safety, but also reduces your liability: it’s fairly uncommon for homeowners to successfully submit an insurance claim after causing a tree to fall on their house or garage.

If you have a dead or dying tree in your yard, don’t follow the temptation to handle it yourself. Instead, give yourself the opportunity to increase your peace of mind and safety of your property: contact a tree removal company to discuss their services and schedule a consultation today.

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