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What to Look for in Rental Properties

Outer banks homes for sale

Many people think that investing in rental property is a quick way to make extra money without having to put in any work, but any landlord can tell you that that is fundamentally untrue. In addition to finding tenants, fixing buildings, and advertising, landlords are responsible for regular maintenance and are often called to make repairs late at night. And that’s all after choosing the property! Fortunately, choosing a real estate agent can help a new landlord know how to determine a good rental property.

Local real estate agents are a homeowner’s best ally when investing in rental property. In addition to being able to show homes to b

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What You Should Know About Compression Fittings

Brass plumbing fitting

If you do any work on piping systems — whether that’s for plumbing or in another industry — then understanding your options for valves and fittings will be key to your success in building effective, efficient and long-lasting systems. In many cases, the best option for joining pipes is what’s called a “sweat joint,” or a joint that is soldered together. But when this isn’t possible, there’s another good option: compression fittings.

Compression Fittings

Compression fittings work using a the combination of a threaded body, a nut and a ferrule. Essentially, there is both an outer compression nut and an inner compression ri

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