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When Should You Call an Electrician?

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Chances are you know plenty of reasons to use a professional electrician, but what about when to call a professional electrician? Here are just a few problems you should try finding an electrician to fix.

When Outlets and/or Switches Aren’t Working.

If your outlets and your switches aren’t working, then you should call an electrician. Sometimes they may not provide enough power. Other time they may not work at all. Sometimes it might be one switch, and other times it might all the outlets in a whole room. Whatever the case may be, you need to call in an electrician to take care of it, because this indicates that your house isn’t w

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Slew of New Websites Seek to Make Home Remodeling Go Digital

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For centuries, the home improvement industry has been a fairly straightforward one, dealing with tangible objects and physical labor. Computers and digital technologies have rarely had a role in home remodeling projects.

That’s slowly changing, however, with a slew of new websites and social media platforms aiming to make the $300 billion home remodeling industry go digital during its renewed boom in business.

According to an April 27 NBC News article, an increasing number of home improvement professionals, from architects to plumbers and electricians, are relying on these websites in order to stay competitive in their ever-crowded field.

“Most of us got into this remodeling business because w

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