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Raise the Roof, Then Replace it With a Better Material

Residential solar

The roof is an afterthought for most of us — until something does wrong, that is. But the roof is a huge contributor to the look and energy efficiency of a house. We all know about heat and air escaping through windows, but how little do we think about the energy lost up above. Heat rises after all.

Luckily, thanks to increasing concern about energy efficiency, there’s a trend in the market toward engineered and EnergyStar qualified products, which can reduce air conditioning needs by 10 to 15%. Depending on your needs, you might find unexpected materials will be right for you. Here’s a rundown of the most common materials roofing contractors use.

Asphalt Shingles

This is the material you’ll see most on residential houses. It’s one of the least expensive options, comes in a

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Upgrading or Remodeling Your Home? Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels Have Best ROI!

Outside hose bibbs

Are you thinking about remodeling or making some upgrades to your home? Maybe a kitchen remodel, or tacking and plumbing problems? If so, you will want to consider things like changes in any plumbing codes or requirements. If you plan on tackling plumbing problems, like leaking kitchen and bathroom faucets, jammed sink drains and disposals, or broken outside hose bibbs, and decide to enlist the help of plumbing services, protect yourself by

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