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Take Action Now and Have Your Home Tested for Radon Gas

Radon mitigation and abatement service

If you’re not familiar with radon, it is a natural, radioactive gas that is both odorless and scentless. It can be found in most soil, and can enter your home through the foundation, according to the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).

Once radon is inside your home, it can become trapped and build up. This can have adverse effects on indoor air and water quality and be detrimental to your and your family’s health.

The US EPA also states that any type of home can have an issue with radon. This includes homes with and without basements as well as old homes and new construction.

In addition to being present in soil, which is considered to be the main source of issues, radon can also enter homes through well and groundwater. The US EPA states that radon

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Has Your Furnace Had Its Winter Checkup?

Ac unit

Residents throughout the state of Texas were paying close attention to the need for HVAC repair in their homes. With weekend temperatures going from high 70s at the beginning of the weekend to the single digit temperatures in Northern parts of the state, HVAC repair services were booked solid.
A weekend of record cold temperatures and big swings between high and low temperatures remind many homeowners the importance of paying attention to their furnaces and air conditioners. Homeowners who have ignored the manufacturer and industry suggestions to have their heating and cooling systems checked by HVAC repair and service personnel can find themselves waiting for needed emer

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