10 Decisions You Have To Make For Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodel

When redesigning your bathroom there will be a lot that will go through your. You have to worry about budget and how long the remodel will take. You have to worry about if the bathroom design will work with the rest of the house and if your family will like it. In addition to that, there are these 10 other thoughts that you’ll have to deal with.

  1. Style
    That’s right, first you have to worry about the style you want for your bathroom remodel. You have to contact your bathroom contractor and see what kinds of styles are out there. Do you want contemporary or something more rustic? Do you want a Victorian look or something French? Its up to you to decide.
  2. Colors
    Once you have figured out which style you are going for, you have to then think about what colors you want. Really, you want to think about the feeling you want to get when you enter the bathroom. Do you want something more neutral and somber? Go for blues or whites. Colors have a lasting effect on your mood and emotions, so think carefully.
  3. Wall Panels
    Next, its time to start thinking about the bits and pieces that make up your bathroom. The first? The wall panels and tiles. When doing a home remodel, its important to consider this part. Which kinds of tiles will you get? Each one has a different feel to them and gives off a different feel to you as well.
  4. The Floor
    Adding to that, you have to worry about the floor tiles as well. Maybe you’ll even be brave and go for something that isn’t tiles. While some may vote against it, its your kitchen and up to you. Ultimately, you have to think about the design that best fits what you want for the room and the floor tiles are one of the aspects that go into that.
  5. Toilet
    In addition, you have to consider the toilet. What kind of toilet will you get? Will you get an American standard with two pieces, or will you go for something more European such as a water closet? Or, maybe you’ll go for an Asian inspired seat with a bidet.
  6. Shower Head
    You also have to consider the different kind of shower you’ll have in your bathroom. How strong will the stream be in the shower head? How many shower heads will you have? Your bathroom renovations can include upgrading a small shower with only one inefficient shower head into something even a spa’d be jealous of.
  7. Water Pressure
    Something else that you have to consider with your bathroom design is what the water pressure will be like for the appliances in your bathroom? Will you try to be eco-friendly and get a toilet with two flush options? Will you get a shower head that can lower its water pressure to save some for the rest of the planet?
  8. The Tub
    And once you’ve figured that out, you also have to think about the tub for the bathroom as well. What kind of tub will you get? Will it be attached to the shower or not? How large will it be? Will it have any features or be one noted?
  9. Curtains or Glass Door
    Plus, you have to consider the fact what kind of door will go over your shower and maybe your tub too. You have to figure out the size of the other two. Then you know if you can have a door, if you want, or if you have to settle for a shower curtain. Once that’s done, you can then focus on the design of either choice.
  10. The Sink
    Lastly, you have to think about the sink in your room. While there are other choices to think about with bathroom design, this is a choice that has a lot of weight to it. You’ll, hopefully, be using the sink a lot to clean your hands, brush your teeth, and more. As such, you want your sink to work well and to look good too.

We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, and we should make sure that those rooms look just as good as the rest of the house. Take the time to really think about your bathroom design. Is it at its best?

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