Three Ways to Get Better Efficiency From Your HVAC System

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The cheapest energy you have is the energy you never need to use. When it comes to your heating and air conditioning unit, having it run efficiently means having it do its job in the best possible way. That means getting the greatest effect with the least amount of effort.

In doing this, your commercial air conditioning unit and heating system will give your the cool or warm air you need without costing you more than it should.

Quality HVAC units should last around 12 years and require a basic maintenance inspection at least twice a year. You should also have the air filters changed at least once every quarter. With those types of regular maintenance procedures, you should be able to keep your system running at its best. Any airflow problems can reduce your heating and cooling efficiency by up to as much as 15%.

Here are three ways you can get the most efficient performance from your commercial HVAC system.

1.) Program the thermostat.

Everyone forgets to turn down the thermostat when they leave the office, every once in a while. This, sadly, can be especially true of part-time employees who close the place when the workday is through. If you have an automated system that controls the lights and the thermostat, you will increase the efficiency of your HVAC. Adjust the on and off to your schedule and see the difference.

2.) Insulate well so that you don’t lose air.

Part of your heating system service inspections that should take place at least twice a year is making sure that you are not letting air escape through places it should not be going. You could very well be losing a lot of air to a poorly insulated building.

You will get much better HVAC energy efficiency by trapping all of the heated and cooled air it produces. If you can, consider adding insulation to walls and windows that are particularly problematic. Check your pipes, ducts, and outlets. These are the usual suspects when it comes to energy loss. Wrap them in insulation, if you can. That can make a big difference.

3.) Turn off or power down your electronics when not in use.

Your cooling and heating system service can be aided by doing a few things you might not otherwise have considered. For one thing, when you turn off or power down your electronics like computers, media systems, exercise equipment, or other energy-draining systems, it not only saves you the energy they would be using, it also generates less heat. Your unit will not have to work quite as hard to cool the space.

Your cooling and heating system service professionals can help you find more ways to save on your everyday heating and air conditioning bills. Contact a professional today to find out how you can heat and cool for less.

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