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Three Hazards That Affect Crawl Spaces That Haven’t Been Waterproofed

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Most houses in America have a crawl space of some kind. As they usually aren’t readily visible, it’s easy for us to ignore our crawl spaces. In fact, many people only pay attention to their crawl spaces when there is a serious issue at hand. However, problems with your crawl space can easily get out of control, and lead to structural dangers, as well as health hazards. The last thing you would want is for a wet crawl space to lead your family getting sick, or even being injured. Luckily, there are options available for those who want to make their crawl spaces as safe as possible. These include crawl space waterproofing, using a crawl space dehumidifier, or installing a crawl space drain system. There are also crawl space moist

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Five Types of Window Treatments to Consider

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Most people do not realize how important or costly window treatments are to a house. In fact, most people underestimate both of these factors until they become a homeowner themselves. If you are looking for useful and cost efficient window treatments, this guide will help you make your buying decisions.

High quality windows

Before you add windows treatments to your windows, you want to ensure that your windows are of high quality. The windows are the first line of defense against cold in the winter and heat in the summer. Poorly installed windows or windows that need to be replaced can cause your utilities to leak out of them. This results in a significant increase in your heating and cooling bills. Additional window treatments will only improve the quality of the windows.


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Barkdust Protecting Children From Falls

Bark blowers vancouver wa

It is made out of Douglas fir or Western hemlock.

It is used to protect children against falls at children’s playgrounds.

It protects underlying soil, regulating temperature and lowering pH levels.

It has a name you might not expect and where it comes from may surprise you.

Its name is barkdust.

If you remember back to the last time you were at a children’s playground, you might recall these little wood ships covering the ground. When someone steps on them, they give a little bit, cushioning someone from a quick fall or sudden stumble.

They might be in a brownish color, or in a red-brown color. If you notice them, you’ll see that they line sidewalks, cover landscapes, and cover gardens.

Barkdust is what its name implies: They are small wood chips shaved off from a

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How to Save Money on Your Water Bill by Checking Your Plumbing


Just because you don’t see or hear water dripping in your home does not mean you do not have a leak in your plumbing that is costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year. most homeowners do not realize how big of an impact even the smallest leak can have.

Toilets account for 25% to 30% of total water usage in most homes. This has improved since the widespread usage of low-flow toilets, but it is still a significant portion of overall water usage. According to the EPA, one way to tell if you have a leak in your toilet is to put a couple drops of food coloring in the tank. If the color appears in the bowl after 10 minutes, you have a leak in your toilet.

According to some estimates, 10% of all homes have some kind of leak in their plumbing. These often undetected leaks can waste 90 or more gal

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4 Common Roofing Problems You Should Know

Commercial roofing

Most people don’t want to think about the roof on their home, but it is an important component of any home, and it needs to be on your mind. A proper roof installation should lead to a roof that lasts 25 years or more, but since houses last much longer, roofs have to be repaired and replaced now and then. Here are some signs to look for that indicate your roof may be in need of repair or replacement.

Damaged Shingles
Shingles are a type of roofing material that is widely used in both residential and commercial roofing. But unlike metal roofing which can last over 30 years with minimal maintenance, shingles ar

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