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Four Winter Repairs to Make Once Spring Comes

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Harsh winters can wreak havoc on the exterior of your house. The roof is subject to heavy loads of snow. The ice can crack the protective coating of your exterior. Large amounts of snowfall can break your gutters. As winter begins to stretch into spring, it is important to maintain each of these exterior components of your house.

Have the roof professionally inspected

Your roof likely gets the most wear and tear during the winter months. Large snowfalls can sit on the roof for many weeks at a time. If the roof is not properly insulated, the melting snow can cause corrosion and rust to occur. As soon as the winter snowfall is finished for the season, schedule your professional roof inspection. They will look for any significant signs of wear and tear and might recommend specific

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Get Impact Resistance and Luxury With the Latest in Sliding Glass Doors

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There are some parts of the country in which impact resistance from hurricane and tornado winds is absolutely crucial. Every year, especially on the southeast coast of the United States, hurricanes threaten homes and business, whipping up winds of over 100 mph.

This isn’t just an occasional, rare occurrence either. Each and every year, the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 through the end of November. While meteorologists have become a great deal better at predicting the hurricanes that may be coming our way, they cannot stop them. The best anyone can do is be as prepared as possible.

With new homes continuing to be built along the eastern and Gulf coasts, it is the material being used that is of utmost importance. Learn more ...


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