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How to Protect Your Insulation from Rodents

You paid a lot for insulation contractors to put the right protection in your home. With good insulation, your ductless heat pump works even more efficiently, and your heating and cooling bills is a lot lower. Your family is safer and more comfortable, too. But there are some threats to your insulation that you need to watch out for, and one of them is rodents.

Why Rodents Are a Problem

Mice, rats, and squirrels love to be warm and dry just as much as we do. Unlike some other animals, their amazing ability hide and move through tiny spaces means they’re able to in and around our homes and enjoy the benefits of all that work your insulation contractors did without much fear. In the fall, these pests start trying to move in to find a safe place for the winter.

If the prospect of mice droppings in your cupboards over the holidays isn’t dismaying enough, there are far worse consequences to worry about from having rodents in the home. They carry disease with them, both in their own

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Leaking Roof? How to Avoid a Homeowner’s Nightmare

You are cozied up in your living room under your favorite blanket watching a movie or reading a book. Meanwhile, a fierce thunderstorm is pounding on your roof. How are your shingles holding up? Are they in good, sturdy shape or are you unknowingly in need of roof leak repair? Don’t wait until you are amid the worst thunderstorm of the year to decide it is time to take a look at redoing your home’s roof.
Ideally, your roof should be inspected at least once a year for leaks, weak spots and damages. One in four of every homeowners confess that they never inspect until it has a noticeable problem; adequate attention and preventative maintenance of your roof will help you in the face of emergency situations. Depending on the climate you live in, it may be wise to inspect twice a year or even once a season, such as if you live where it frequently hails, or if your home has many flat spots in the roof where storm water runoff can accumulate.
Even if the cost is daunting you, there are many

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