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What You Need To Know When Seeking Emergency Furnace Repair

With winter upon us it is important to have your furnace is tip top condition. If you are in need of emergency furnace repair, here is some advice, and tips to keep in mind.

Troubleshooting Before You Call

Before you make a call to your furnace maintenance company you may want to check a few things on your own, to rule out any simple fixes.

  • Be sure to check your thermostat to make sure the temperature wasn’t accidentally turned down, or your heat was turned off completely. This is a mistake I have made to many times to happily admit. I’m even guilty of accidentally flipping the dial to AC, then wondering why the heat wasn’t kicking in. It’s a simple mistake that can easily be made if you’re not paying much attention, and double checking can save you time when calling a professional, only to have them tap your thermostat.
  • Check to see if there was a power interruption. If you recently lost power in your home, your furnace could be affected. If a circu

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