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How Much Is Your Monthly Electricity Bill?

The parking lot with solar cells really stands out. In fact, as you travel downtown there are few things, if any, that look like they are doing anything to help the environment. The gas stations are always crowded; the standpipes are always spewing smoke into the air; and the semi trucks always seem to be going over the speed limit as the carry their heavy loads down an already rough riding interstate. The solar parking lot light fixtures, however, are a welcome site.
In a time when there are many people who do not really seem to care about the health of the planet, it is important to make sure that you support the efforts that try to limit the carbon footprint that we are making. And in a time when even the politicians cannot seem to agree on whether or not global warming is real or a hoax, it should come as no surprise that there are some very concerned citizens who are trying to do their best to make a difference.
Solar Parking Lots Are Growing More Common in Some Parts o

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