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Here are 3 Signs That Indicate Foundation Problems and Their Solutions

A home is made up of many parts, but few are more important than the foundation. There are three primary forms of home foundation: crawl spaces, slabs, and full basements. Since the foundation works in part to keep the house standing upright, any damage to the foundation can directly threaten the integrity of the house. This is why it’s so important to know the warning signs that can indicate problems forming with the foundation. This article will take a look at several signs that indicate foundation problems and the solutions that can fix them.

  • Water Damage and Mold: One sign that can indicate foundation problems is excessive water damage and mold forming in the crawl space and basement. While over 98% of all homes with basements will experience some type of water damage, excessive water damage and mold can indicate problems with the home’s foundation. One solution i

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Why You Should Repair Your Air Conditioner Rather Than Buy New

If you have an air conditioner, you know how important they are when it comes to keeping your home cool. Of course, issues can arise that cause the air conditioner to break down. If you are experiencing these problems, you might be wondering about commercial air conditioning repair or residential air conditioning repair, depending on your situation. Here are a few points to consider and why it is worth getting it repaired.

Repair Can Save Money on an Air Conditioner That is Not Old

Most air conditioners have a life expectancy of 10-15 years. If yours is younger than that, it makes sense to get it repaired. That is because you might have a problem that is only minor and easily repairable. AC repair is more affordable than going out and getting something brand new.

The Repair Might be Small in Nature

There are many times where the problems associated with the air conditioner are small in nature. Sometimes it is simply a matter of chan

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