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What You Need To Know When Seeking Emergency Furnace Repair

With winter upon us it is important to have your furnace is tip top condition. If you are in need of emergency furnace repair, here is some advice, and tips to keep in mind.

Troubleshooting Before You Call

Before you make a call to your furnace maintenance company you may want to check a few things on your own, to rule out any simple fixes.

  • Be sure to check your thermostat to make sure the temperature wasn’t accidentally turned down, or your heat was turned off completely. This is a mistake I have made to many times to happily admit. I’m even guilty of accidentally flipping the dial to AC, then wondering why the heat wasn’t kicking in. It’s a simple mistake that can easily be made if you’re not paying much attention, and double checking can save you time when calling a professional, only to have them tap your thermostat.
  • Check to see if there was a power interruption. If you recently lost power in your home, your furnace could be affected. If a circu

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HVAC Systems Why They’re Important

Pipe lining and excavation

It is winter time and that means heating is at a premium. While it is okay to suffer through winter without a heater, a heater makes winter a little more palatable, as the blankets and the space heater can be forgone with central heating. This is part of the HVAC system, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning.

The HVAC system is the system that controls the air quality and the air temperature in someone’s home.

There are many statistics about the HVAC system that are worth noting. The heating element of the HVAC system is crucial for feeling well during winter, and covers many different appliances, including the furnace, the water heater, a

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How to Reduce Home Energy Costs the the Summer


During the summertime, our air conditioner is tasked with keeping our home and family cool. But unfortunately, because we use it so often in the hot months, our energy bills skyrocket. However, there are some really simple tips and tricks that any homeowner can do to lower their bill and make their wallet happy. Here we explain more!

Seal your windows

You never want to pay for cooling the outside, so make sure to check all your windows and door openings for small cracks that can be causing leaks. These cracks can be very tiny, so a good method to take is caulking the entire windowsill and door frame to create an air tight seal. Also, make sure to do this on both the inside and the outside for extra protection.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is perfect for

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