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Around 40 million corporate moves occur every year, a figure that is up about 30% from 2010. If you are an executive or another employee that receives a lump sum relocation fee or reimbursement from your employer for a business related move, relocation services from a corporate relocation company may be what you need to move quickly and avoid tax problems associated with lump sum relocation fees. Less than 60% of Americans live in the State that they were born in and, as companies expand overseas, more and more are relocating to different countries. International relocation companies can help you handle the logistical hassles of major moves into new countries with new laws.

Even if you are not mo

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When You Have to Move, Hire a Relocation Company

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Relocation for a job is one thing that most employees dread. Most of the employees want to be with their families and friends. The place you call home means a lot to you and a move can be disruptive, costly, aggravating and bothersome, especially if the move involves a new city or state altogether.

The Census Bureau states that since 1980, roughly 43 million Americans, about 16.8 percent of the population, end up having to relocate each year. But when having a choice about your vocation matters, most employees would rather move than lose their job. There are many sacrifices involved in company relocation packages, so be sure it’s the right decision for you and your family before making the transition.


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