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6 Weird Things Found in Septic Systems

Roughly about one-third of all homes in the US use a septic system, which means regular maintenance goes along with that. Typical septic systems should be able to hold at least two days worth of wastewater in order to allow the solids to settle out of the water which equates to about a 1,000 gallon tank minimum for a family of four in a two bedroom apartment. Despite the fact that regular maintenance is recommended, many don’t call in for repair unless there is a problem. Sometimes those problems are caused by unusual things. Read below to see some of the most unusual things found in a septic system.


No one wants to be working on septic tanks and dealing with septic repair and know that there is a real live animal in there. Relax a little, not like a fox, or a dog or a snake hopefully. Sometimes those performing septic tank service find things like frogs or

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If You Are Concerned About the Functionality of Your Septic Tank, Contact a Lumber Today

Drilling a well for water

Are you concerned about how the sewage system is functioning around your house? Perhaps you’re not completely sure how a septic tank works, but unfortunate smells and complications with your residential plumbing setup necessitates that you call a professional who is especially well-versed in plumbing repairs and the diagnosis of septic system problems.

IBIS World reports that in America alone, there are about 154,153 plumbing companies with approximately 715,387 combined workers, which likely means that it will be even more convenient to find a qualified plumber in your area.

And if the septic system is at the root of the problem, you’ll want t

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