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Four Winter Repairs to Make Once Spring Comes

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Harsh winters can wreak havoc on the exterior of your house. The roof is subject to heavy loads of snow. The ice can crack the protective coating of your exterior. Large amounts of snowfall can break your gutters. As winter begins to stretch into spring, it is important to maintain each of these exterior components of your house.

Have the roof professionally inspected

Your roof likely gets the most wear and tear during the winter months. Large snowfalls can sit on the roof for many weeks at a time. If the roof is not properly insulated, the melting snow can cause corrosion and rust to occur. As soon as the winter snowfall is finished for the season, schedule your professional roof inspection. They will look for any significant signs of wear and tear and might recommend specific

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Final Fall Projects For The Outside of Your Home

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Fall is here and homeowners across the country are making plans to get their last minute outdoor projects done before winter comes in a couple of months. Many of these projects take time, but with the right contractors can be completed in little time and for a reasonable price. The good news about many outdoor projects is that with the right materials, the results are long lasting. Below are three common outdoor projects for the home that you might want to know a bit about before jumping into them:

1. Gutter Installation and Repair - If you are a homeowner that wants to make sure your home is in the best shape going into winter, you might want to consider starting with your gutters. Gutters make sure that water is diverted correctly away from your home and yard and are

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