Septic and Drain Cleaning the Right Way


UPDATED 1/25/21

While you can do some of your plumbing and septic maintenance at home, there are some things you’ll want to leave to professionals. If you have to have septic tank pumped out, you’ll need to bring in a septic company. Opening your septic tank yourself can be very dangerous, since there is often a buildup of gas and bacteria in the tank. Flushing septic lines can be something you can do at home, but if the situation is too severe, you’ll want to hire someone rather than risk your entire household septic system by doing it yourself.

You might wonder how long to pump a septic tank? After all, the process is inconvenient. So you’ll want to talk to the company that you hire, or maybe shop around a few companies. While some might cost more than others, they might be able to make up for it by taking less time to have septic tank pumped out. So ask around and get recommendations, then bring in a professional to flush and pump your septic lines for you.

As a homeowner you never want to hear about septic tank issues. A problem with your septic tannk could not only leave you without use of your toilet but cost thousands of dollars in repairs. According to Home Advisor the average price to repair a septic tank in the United States is $1763 dollars. Fortunately it for the homeowner a sewer and drain cleaning can be one of the easiest things to maintain properly.

Using heavy duty cleaning supplies on your drain can cause the breakdown of bacteria in a septic tank leaving it unable to break down solid material. Cleaning a sewer line is something any home owner can do or utilize local plumbing services. First flush out the blockage or use an auger to break through the blockage. This can be an easy repair as long as there is not a more extensive problem such as a collapsed sewer line.

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Leaky faucets and pipes can cause thousands of dollars in water damage if left unrepaired and lead to septic system problems. A leaky faucet is a simple fix for any homeowner but left unrepaired can lead to thousands of dollars of damage. The typical reasons for a leaky faucet include corrosion or defective gaskets.

Keeping trees away from your septic tank by at least 100 feet will decrease the risk of roots growing long enough to damage or puncture the septic tank. By doing this you will not lose the tree. Trees themselves tend to grow extremely vigorously due to the ready supply of nutrients from the septic system. In the future do not plan any construction work around the septic tank.

Never attempt to open a septic tank by yourself. The gasses and bacteria can be extremely dangerous. A sewer and drain cleaning product is not necessary because they include biologically based materials or organic chemicals. They do not reduce the need for the regular septic pump out.

A sewer and drain cleaning is one of the most important processes in maintaining the long-life of your home. If you cannot clean your septic tank make sure to work with someone who is proficient in plumbing maintenance. You will save thousands and keep your home beautiful.

In addition to using the right cleaning products for your drains, waste disposal is also something to keep track of. The sink is a favorite spot for every household, with personal effects and kitchen items such as coffee grounds and facial towels being the main culprits for clogged sinks. Unfortunately, materials such as paints, cooking oils and non-biodegradable items also make it on this list. Rather than let improper disposal methods damage your drain pipes, consider using outdoor trash cans and proper chemical disposal sites. Doing this is one way to leave any drain unclogged.

Another at home drain declogger method that you can employ is the use of a drain guard. Plastic and metal guards work well, allowing you to catch scraps that cause blockage in your pipes. However, if you already have a clogged drain, a bathroom sink clog remover will come in handy, allowing you to scoop up any unwanted items.

A weekly cleaning routine is another solution that will help get rid of the occasional slip away material. Some hot water works wonders, softening any solids stuck in your drain and melting any greasy products. Along with this, have regular plumbing services for your drains. Relying on professional help will allow you to tackle problems that you may not even be aware of, ensuring you enjoy at home unclog drain services. By sticking to these tips, you are guaranteed of longevity in your drains.

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