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Avoid Dog Day Afternoons by Investing in AC

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Al Pacino, with his wilted collar and dampened hair hanging into his eyes, showed us that the heat, especially when you are trying to rob a bank, can make any situation more stressful in the 1975 film Dog Day Afternoon. Though you probably aren’t planning on robbing a bank any time in the near future, fighting back against the heat if you want to stay relaxed and comfortable during the hot summer months. While there are a bunch of different ways to do that, including heading to the lake or relaxing by the pool to take a dip when you get hot, investing in working air conditioning units is always a good idea.

According to reports from the EIA, an estimated 87% of homes in the United States have air conditioning systems, and roughly three quarters in the West and Midwest have central air. This m

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Epoxy Flooring is a Great Option in a Number of Industrial Settings

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Although it has lots of practical uses, concrete is quite porous and leaves room for dirt, dust, and grim to get stuck in the floor. As a result, it is not always the best choice in buildings with high traffic that want to maintain a clean environment and smooth aesthetic. Instead, property owners might want to think about using epoxy flooring systems as an alternative. Commercial epoxy flooring comes in a number of different compounds to provide the maximum amount of protection and meet the needs of virtually any flooring type. As a result, it can be a great investment for property owners who want to reduce damage to their floors and, consequently, spend less time and money on repairs.

Moisture is one of the main problems that cause floors to crack, wear down, or deteriorate. If that is a problem, in

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Think Beyond Heating and Cooling Repair, Consider Energy Efficiency

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If you own your home, you periodically have to worry about maintaining your residential heating and cooling system, as well as how to fix plumbing problems. But in order to save both time and money, you should likely be concerned with more than just things like central AC repair. In fact, when your systems are functioning well, it is the perfect time to think about improving the overall efficiency of your heating and coiling service.

The statistics on this subject are rather staggering. Those who use an inefficient air conditioner may be missing out on energy savings as high as 50%. In fact,

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An Interview with Renita Charrlin of The Moving Experience

Specializing in moving solutions for transferees in the midst of corporate relocation, The Moving Experience provides a unique and essential service. We talked with CEO Renita Charrlin about the challenges and bright spots in the industry.

Renita, your industry is fairly niche-specific. Could you share with us a little more about what The Moving Experience does?

The Moving Experience was created by two professionals in the recruitment and human resources industry seeking a tax protection and moving service solution for transferees in corporate relocation. The recruitment trade can be daunting and competitive. Any advantages you can give to your recruits is a good thing, and The Moving Experience exists to help both recruiters and transferees enjoy some extra perks.

It must feel great to help your clients in that way. What would you say is the best thing about working for The Moving Experience?

Being able to help recruiters and employers find the best and most economically feasible options for their employees.

That does sound very rewarding. Is there any aspect of your job that presents a challenge?

Finding the right candidates for the program. Many people could potentially qualify, but not every candidate will.

How frustrating! So Renita, what would you say sets The Moving Experience apart from competitors?

There are hardly any competitors that offer the range of services that The Moving Experience Offers.

For more information about The Moving Experience, visit or email


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