An Interview with Renita Charrlin of The Moving Experience

Specializing in moving solutions for transferees in the midst of corporate relocation, The Moving Experience provides a unique and essential service. We talked with CEO Renita Charrlin about the challenges and bright spots in the industry.

Renita, your industry is fairly niche-specific. Could you share with us a little more about what The Moving Experience does?

The Moving Experience was created by two professionals in the recruitment and human resources industry seeking a tax protection and moving service solution for transferees in corporate relocation. The recruitment trade can be daunting and competitive. Any advantages you can give to your recruits is a good thing, and The Moving Experience exists to help both recruiters and transferees enjoy some extra perks.

It must feel great to help your clients in that way. What would you say is the best thing about working for The Moving Experience?

Being able to help recruiters and employers find the best and most economically feasible options for their employees.

That does sound very rewarding. Is there any aspect of your job that presents a challenge?

Finding the right candidates for the program. Many people could potentially qualify, but not every candidate will.

How frustrating! So Renita, what would you say sets The Moving Experience apart from competitors?

There are hardly any competitors that offer the range of services that The Moving Experience Offers.

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