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How to Get Your Fireplace Ready For Fall

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Football is starting up; pumpkins are starting to become ubiquitous; and hoodies are starting to come out, which can all mean one thing — Fall is here.

As the days get shorter and the air gets colder, you might be tempted to cozy up to the fireplace to watch the flames crackle and the embers smolder with a nice cup of hot cider, but first you need to do a couple things to make sure it’s safe.

Wood Burning Fireplaces.

First (and perhaps most obvious), you need to clean the fireplace out. However, don’t clean it all the way. The fire protection handbook advises that you leave at least an inch of ash on the bottom, as a kind of passive fire protection. Once that’s done, have fire protection services come and inspect your chimney to make sure everything is in shap

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How Can You Finance a Solar Energy System?

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Considering solar installation for your house? Solar energy actually saves you money over time, but the initial cost may be higher than many homeowners are willing to pay. So how do you get solar panels without the money up front?

One option is is third-party solar financing. Third party-financing is an established financial practice in the US that recently emerged as a primary method of finance companies and individuals switching to solar services. This option encourages Americans to install and maintain solar electric systems on their homes for only a portion of the average start-up cost.

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