3 Ways to Reduce Damage to Your Gutters and Keep Repair Costs Under Control

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If you’re still catching up on your winter repairs, you may have noticed that your gutters and downspouts are in bad shape. If you need extensive gutter repair done, then talking to some contractors or handyman repair services may be necessary. But taking just a few simple steps next year (and in all future years) can prevent further damage to your gutters and keep them working better for longer. Here are three simple tips:

  1. Trim Trees Near the Roofline

    If you have deciduous trees (ones that drop their leaves once a year) too near your roofline, you’re almost sure to get clogged getters every single fall. Trimming trees back can have other benefits as well, such as cutting off pathways for rodents to get on your roof and reducing the likelihood broken branches will cause roof damages.

  2. Deal With Snow and Ice Dams

    Ice dams, barriers of ice that form near your eaves, can become so heavy that they drag your gutters down or even rip them right off. Ice dams are normally caused by roof insulation or other design issues; warm air in your attic melts snow on your roof, but that water then freezes when it hits the eaves. You can also avoid quite a bit of water damage by taking care of ice dams, so it’s well worth making a modest investment before next winter hits.

  3. Clear Your Gutters Regularly

    A little maintenance can head off a little repair. Gutters should be cleaned out twice annually, ideally: once in the spring and once in the fall. It’s possible to do this safely on your own if you have the right tools and a single-story house, but anyone with more complicated rooflines is better off hiring a gutter cleaning service or handyman. And, nostalgia aside, it’s not a good idea to hire a kid from the neighborhood — you don’t want to be responsible for an untrained person falling of your roof.

Do you have any other tips on heading off gutter problems or reducing gutter repair costs? Share them in the comments.

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