Custom Draperies, Curtains, and Shades Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Windows Bare

Door awnings

Window treatments are often nestled under home decor, as a way to express one’s personal aesthetic or style. While these treatments can certainly be fashion pieces, custom draperies, curtains, blinds, and shades all have benefits that most people overlook. So, before you think of skimping on quality or skipping window treatments altogether, take a look at some of the perks they have to offer:

1. Prevent Glares (and other annoyances)
Window treatments can help block the sun, street lights, and other visual disturbances for moments when you need to shut out the outside world. Watching a movie with a window glare on the television can certainly be frustrating. Having curtains or other covers that can easily block out the outside will make living in your home more enjoyable. Curtains can also help stifle unwanted outside noises and UV rays. Best of all, you can let light in when you want it, while still maintaining your privacy.

2. Save Money on Energy Bills
Did you know that by not using window treatments, you’re letting out up to 50% of your heated and cooled air? That means your system is working harder and turning on more frequently to keep your home at the desired temperature. However, blinds, custom draperies, or curtains can easily help you keep this air inside, and your energy bill down low.

3. Express Your Style
Of course, if you’re going to have window treatments, you might as well find ones that match your personal style. Having custom draperies/curtains, blinds, or shades cut to fit your specific windows can ensure your window treatments keep your home looking its best. Be sure not to skimp on quality either; some window treatments come with lifetime guarantees.

Finding good quality window treatments is a simple way to tie any home’s decor together. Perhaps more importantly though, window treatments can also save you money on utility bills and block out unwanted light and noises.

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