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Is Your Drinking Supply At Risk? How to Tell When Your Drinking Well Needs a Checkup

Well drilling and digging services will county

Although the idea of accessing drinkable ground water via a well has been around for quite a while — experts in Germany discovered a wood-lined well that was estimated to be over 7,000 years old — the idea that a well is part of an organic ecosystem and should be periodically measured for health is a relatively new one.

Signs of distress in a well include disturbing smells, such as rotting eggs or mold. It is possible for a well to become contaminated with bacteria that can stain clothes, cause abdominal distress, and threaten the groundwater reserves that are its source.

There is a frightening list of potential bacteria and viruses that can inhabit a well. Corrosive water is a possibility, as are iron, lead, sulfur, methane, and radon and other radioactive con

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Different Floors for Different Folks

Hardwood in kitchen

When picking a new floor for your home, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the flooring options. What’s going to be the right choice to give your home the look and feel that you’ve been hoping for? Here’s a handy little breakdown of the most popular kinds of flooring options, and what each one will say about your home.

Carpet – Carpets in your house can really make it feel like home. Soft, warm, and easier than ever to take care of, there are tons of different carpeting options you can pick from. A traditional white shag will make any l

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3 Tips That Can Save Gardens And Landscapes From Stubborn Droughts

Implementing your design

What’s new in garden and landscape design in 2015? Thanks to stubborn droughts, homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of how much water they use to maintain gardens and landscapes. Top landscape designers share how you can put together a yard that is vibrant, visually compelling, and drought-friendly:

Embrace Hardscaping

One obvious solution is to supplement plants, including flowers, trees, produce, herbs, and bushes, with features that do not require water at all: that is, hardscaping features. Sculptures, decorative gravel and stone, retaining walls, walkways, patios, and steps are just a few of the elements that add interest to your lawn, without nece

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