Different Floors for Different Folks

Hardwood in kitchen

When picking a new floor for your home, you’re probably overwhelmed by all the flooring options. What’s going to be the right choice to give your home the look and feel that you’ve been hoping for? Here’s a handy little breakdown of the most popular kinds of flooring options, and what each one will say about your home.

Carpet – Carpets in your house can really make it feel like home. Soft, warm, and easier than ever to take care of, there are tons of different carpeting options you can pick from. A traditional white shag will make any living room bright and inviting, and a funky pattern in the bedroom will make you excited to fall asleep every night. Carpets are also long-lasting and durable, with some varieties promising up to 30 years with proper care.

Hardwood – Hardwood floors radiate elegance. They make a room look expensive, timeless, and natural in your home. They’re also great for those who are bothered by allergens that can get caught in most carpets. They also come in many different colors and shades, as well as varying degrees of softness. They’re beautiful, easy to clean, and will make your home feel luxurious and classic.

Vinyl – While hardwood is beautiful and stylish, it can get expensive. Vinyl flooring is a great option for those who want the look of hardwood without paying the price. You can also have vinyl floors that look like slate tile, or printed with funky patterns! And vinyl floors are amazingly easy to clean, saving you time and money that you can use to add to the rest of your home.

With so many wonderful flooring options available to you, you’ll probably end up with a combination of these options in your home. But no matter what you pick, you know you’ll be one step closer to making your house a home.

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