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Eye on the Healthy Window

Sliding patio door

Windows are an understated part of any home. They are the eyes of a house or apartment, letting in light and a sense of background aesthetic from the area where the homeowner lives. This is why it is so important to keep windows clean and whole. Broken or dirty windows aren’t always easy to spot, either. Older windows can stick or let in outside air, causing huge problems in finances for heating a home. This goes for other species of window as well, ones that, at first glance, don’t fall exclusively into the window category. The sliding patio door, shower doors, clear glass set into walls and any smaller windows set into the front door or larger doors fall into this category. Because these windows don’t look outside it can be hard to remember that they require as much care as the more traditional

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Clogged Drains? Leaky Pipes? Call In the Experts!

Drain cleaner in los angeles

A leaky or clogged drain or pipe is any homeowner’s nightmare. It can only lead to worse things, like burst pipes and basement flooding. Some hardy souls will try and fix the damage themselves, and likely make things worse, leading to an emergency. In fact trying to fix some plumbing problems yourself, like water heater repair, is downright dangerous. Fortunately, once you call in the experts, there are very few problems that an experienced plumber can’t fix. Fixing clogged or leaky pipes can most likely save you some money on water bills as well.

Leaky pipes waste water and money
Water leaks cost American households hundreds of dollars each year

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Happy Campers Use Propane Cooking Stoves

Propane fueled fireplace

Propane is a widely-used fuel alternative to gasoline and natural gas. It is clean burning and portable, which makes it suitable for use in homes and at locations where there are no commercial or residential gas lines. Propane, also known as liquefied natural gas, is stored under pressure in propane tanks as a liquid. In this form, it is easy to transport and use. For many people, propane is the stuff in the tiny cylinders with the stoves you use when you go camping.

Propane is easily available and domestically produced
Propane is a by-product of oil and natural gas production processes. It is a colorless and odorless non-toxic gas. The “smell” of propane is an odor added on to make detection possible. Propane has many advantages over other fuels:

  • As

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Five Questions to Ask A Foundation Contractor

Construction companies in duluth mn

One of the more expensive repairs a homeowner can face is that if the home’s foundation, which averages $4,436, and some people end up paying around $10,000. While it may not be easy to repair, it is relatively easy for most homeowners to tell there might be a problem. Doors and windows will not close and latch easily anymore and cracks will appear in the walls, especially over doors and windows and where walls join, and possibly cracks will develop through ceramic tile or vinyl flooring. When these problems do manifest, the unfortunate owner must sort through the good and bad to find a contractor. To do this, here are five questions you should ask every contractor you think might be a likely candidate.

  1. Are You Licensed and Insured?: Requirements vary in every

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