Eye on the Healthy Window

Sliding patio door

Windows are an understated part of any home. They are the eyes of a house or apartment, letting in light and a sense of background aesthetic from the area where the homeowner lives. This is why it is so important to keep windows clean and whole. Broken or dirty windows aren’t always easy to spot, either. Older windows can stick or let in outside air, causing huge problems in finances for heating a home. This goes for other species of window as well, ones that, at first glance, don’t fall exclusively into the window category. The sliding patio door, shower doors, clear glass set into walls and any smaller windows set into the front door or larger doors fall into this category. Because these windows don’t look outside it can be hard to remember that they require as much care as the more traditional, external facing windows. Here are some of the benefits of taking proper care of windows, no matter where they are located in a home.
Energy Efficiency
The technology of the window has evolved just as much as other domestic appliances in the last twenty years. Installing windows made of a new type of low-emissivity glass can reduce energy costs and filter out harmful UV light so that it can’t pass into the home. Combine this small step with other energy saving features and it should have a striking impact on reducing a home’s heating bill. Purchasing windows with double-pane glass can also reduce reduce energy bills by a further fifteen percent if installed correctly. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, cracked windows, glazed doors and skylights can make up some 25% of a home’s heating or energy costs. While a cracked window seems like a problem fixed easy with duct tape, it can seriously eat into the income of a family or single homeowner. It’s a small problem that grows larger in silence. Stay attentive and don’t let it happen.
Safety Concerns
No homeowner would leave a sliding patio door, a regular front door or back door open. The same goes for windows as well. Even keeping perfectly intact windows open without supervision can be a bad idea in some circumstances. Swapping old windows for new is a good way to keep up with a more subtle form of home security. Costs will depend primarily on how many windows are replaced but it is often worth it in the long term. While many home intruders break in through the front door, it is often easier if they can spot a weakened window. Older, thinner windows are can be shattered or even removed entirely with minimal noise. Double-paned windows are, by their inherent structure, much harder to break. While some 33% of break-ins happen by front door, the rest are through various other means of entry, the sliding patio door, basement windows, and all others forms of window included. Modern windows are designed to withstand this kind of violent assault. The chances of a home invasion might be low but the risk isn’t worth taking when it comes to safety.
Emotional Upkeep
It might sound silly but the windows are the main source of light and energy for a home. Often times, this translates directly into the background mood of the homeowner. No one wants to wake up in a dark house full of broken or dirty windows, a sliding patio door hanging of the hinges leading to an unmowed yard. Keeping the home clean, and the windows clean, is a undercurrent sign that any specific home is a happy place to live. There are many facets to this idea. Double-pane windows can reduce noise level, making for a quieter environment. Wider windows can let in more natural sunlight, naturally lifting the spirits. Color and sound matter when it comes to the quality of living and the window is a direct supplier of both of these things. Keeping the windows sparkling, clear and whole might not solve everything but it will certainly make the home a brighter place to be. Never underestimate the power of a positively charged home.

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