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America’s Roads and Asphalt Paving

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According to the Federal Highway Administration, America has nearly 4.1 million miles of public roads. Over 1.3 million miles of these are unpaved, while around 1.8 million are paved. Asphalt paving covers approximately 796,000 miles of road, while 158,000 miles are covered with concrete.

To ensure that all of these roads, as well as new ones, continue to be paved, there are approximately 3,500 asphalt mix production sites located throughout the United States. On an annual basis, these sites produce a combined amount of approximately 350 million tons of asphalt paving material. In addition to publicly-funded projects, this industry also handles residential and non-residential projects. The current market for public projects is 65% and 35% for the non-public projects.

It’s amazing to consider

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A Few Good Reasons to Invest in an Electric Generator

Residential generators

It might be difficult to learn how electric generators work, but the fact is that they work quite well in several different situations. Electric generator services are incredibly important to many different people.
However, if you’re planning on investing in one, there are a few things you might want to know. Here are a few of the benefits of owning an electric generator.
Backup Power for Your Home
After generator installation has been completed, you’ll have a reliable source of backup power for your home in the event of an emergency. Even a simple power outage can be a nuisance and prevent you from completing important tasks a

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6 Reasons Why you Should Go Solar

Advantages of solar panels

The use of solar panels is becoming increasingly popular as solar energy becomes better explored and understood. Up until now, the advantages of solar panels have stayed solely within the commercial or corporate side of the world because of how expensive the whole system was. Now, however, residential solar systems are becoming more readily available and affordable. You may wonder what the benefits of solar systems are for you anyway. Well, here are just a few ways that having solar panels on your home would help you out.

  1. Save Money

By adding solar panels to your home, you can save a lot of money on your power bill. Depending on where you

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When to Call a Professional Electrician

When to call an electrician

Did you know that the annual cost of property damage due to electrical fires is roughly $1.5 billion a year? While the specific causes of these electrical fires vary from situation-to-situation, many of them could be prevented. Even more important is that lives could be saved.

How Electrical Fires Are Caused

From 2007-to-2011, there were four primary causes reported for residential fires:

    Wiring for electrical distribution or lighting equipment: 63%
    Lamps, various light fixtures, and light bulbs: 20%
    Electrical cords and plugs: 11%
    Transformers and power supplies: 6%

These causes alone point to reasons to use a professional electrician.

When to Call a Professional Electrician

If you even suspect there may be issue

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The Importance of Immediate Roofing Repairs

Roofing solutions

Owning any type of property requires a lot of upkeep and regular maintenance. Regular maintenance acts as a preventative method to prevent larger and costlier repairs from being needed. Commercial property owners generally are required to make repairs in a timelier manner. A residential property owner may have the ability to choose when they complete repairs. However, in most cases, a commercial property owner is responsible for providing a safe and sheltered environment for the employees and the customers of the company. The roof is one of the most commonly needed repairs for both residential and commercial properties.

The roof is an essential part of any property. It provides shelter and it holds each of the walls together. A minor problem in a roof can lead to a much larger problem. For example, if t

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