When You Should Replace Your Home’s Roof or Siding

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Do you feel that your siding or roof is starting to get to the point where you need to start thinking about siding repair or roof repair? Updating your siding can boost your home’s appearance and give it more curbside appeal and can often provide a good return on investment if you’re thinking about selling the home down the road. Repairing a roof before it’s too far gone can help provide any interior damage, prove less expensive that totally replacing it, and give you peace of mind for years to come. Repairing or replacing a roof and updating your siding can also help you update your insulation and make your home more weathertight. This could also help lower heating and cooling bills. If you live in an area where weather can get rough (think strong winds or heavy snow) a newer roof or siding with the current technology can help protect your home more effectively against the elements.
Why Should I Consider Updating My Roof or Getting Siding Repair Done?
Most homeowners won’t undertake the expense of repairing or replacing a roof until it’s fairly urgent, since it can be an expensive endeavor. However, if you’ve had storm damage or other weather damage, it’s imperative that you get your roof fixed. Leaks can cause water damage, which can be even more expensive. If your roof is also older and you’ve had a roof inspection done — which should be done at least once or twice a year — and the inspector suggested replacing it, that’s another good cue.
If you’ve found that your heating and cooling bills are steadily rising and you’ve had to repaint your home more frequently, that might be a good sign that you should just totally replace your siding. If your siding is rotting, warped, or cracked, it’s probably a good idea to look into siding repair. And even if it’s just peeling paint or severely faded, you might think about siding repair just for the cosmetic effect.
What Do I Need to Know About Roofing Repair and Maintenance?
Many homeowners groan at the thought of roofing repair or replacement due to expense. If you know roofing repair is in your future, start allocating money for a roofing budget. If you’ve got a roof between 2200-2600 square feet (the average) and do it yourself, it can cost between $1000-4000 to totally replace. Professionals will charge a bit more — you can expect costs between $2,000 and $8,500. It is not advised to attempt roof replacement yourself unless you’ve got professional experience or some kind of prior background in roofing.
Be advised that roofers charge per square — meaning a ten foot by ten foot patch of roof; the average roof has between 22 and 26 squares. You should always strip off the old roofing material before replacing it with new material and you should take proper roofing ventilation and insulation into consideration when hiring a roofer. Don’t be afraid to shop around and check out reviews to find the highest quality roofer who can offer comprehensive services.
What About Replacing Siding?
If you’re thinking about new siding installation, keep in mind what kind of siding might be best for your home. Most siding is guaranteed for winds at speeds up to 110 mph. Vinyl siding is easier to reinstall in case of wind damage, than say aluminum siding. Having a good siding job done can actually save you money in the long run, even though it can be a bit expensive upfront.
Did you know that the average family spend around $350 on heating and cooling air that leaks in or out of the house thanks to gaps or cracks? New, tight siding can help stop up those gaps and make your home more weathertight. As with roofers, you want to shop around and get a variety of quotes before deciding.
Getting your roofing and siding replaced and well maintained is important in keeping your home weatherproof, lowering utility bills, and keeping your home looking aesthetically pleasing. Keep up with your roof and siding — you won’t regret it.

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