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Your Hardwood Floors and You


Hardwood flooring is very popular with homeowners. Although carpeting was at one time what many people preferred throughout their homes, hardwood is now a serious contender. Even still, however, carpeting continues to make up a good 51% of flooring purchased in the United States. If properly cared for, carpeting will last a long time. Cleaning, which would consist of shampooing and deep cleaning, every year to year and a half is recommended to keep carpeting looking its best.

With the escalating desire of homeowners to have hardwood floors installed in their homes comes advancing research into the origin of the wood typically used for this type of home improvement. Hardwood flooring is produced from

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4 Nifty Tools for the DIY Landscaper

Digging tools

With warm weather around the corner, yard maintenance is likely on your mind. If you are considering tackling this year’s landscaping tasks on your own, having the right yard tools is a great place to start. Lacking professional gear? Swapping your shed’s dusty tools for more efficient models will save you time and energy while checking off your project to-do list.

Golden Gark Rake - Meet your new multipurpose best friend. A rake, shovel and soil sieve all in one, the gark rake is the best tool you’ve never heard of. Lightweight and versatile, this tool is ideal for scooping up freshly cut grass or fallen leaves. It is also your companion for large jobs, as it will not leave you tired out.

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