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4 Common Types of Commercial HVAC Problems

Air conditioning is an invention that many people feel they couldn’t live without. You can credit the invention of air conditioning to Willis Carter. In 1902, Carter invented air conditioning in order to stop his paper from expanding and ink from running. There’s no doubt that this invention became extremely popular. In fact, research shows that heating and cooling make up for over 50% of all energy used throughout a typical American home. Considering that, many businesses rely on HVAC systems to ensure that indoor temperatures remain comfortable. However, it’s important to be aware of which issues could cause your commercial HVAC system to stop working. Here are four of the most common commercial heating and cooling problems.

  • Hearing Strange Sounds

    In most cases, businesses are fairly noisy environments. Certain businesses need employees to speak to clients around the clock. Other places of business are noisy due to machinery and equipment. However,

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Take Better Care of Your Water: 3 Warning Signs of Polluted Water

In the U.S., 48 million people receive their drinking water from private or household wells. If these wells are filled with polluted water, there are some serious health issues that could begin to form. Since water is so important to life, water problems of any kind cannot be ignored — no matter what.


Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies, typically as a result of human activities. Water bodies include lakes, rivers, oceans, acquirers, and groundwater. Water pollution occurs when contaminants are introduced into the environment, leading to severe health issues. Sadly, water pollution is threading worldwide cause of death and disease.


Though communities adhere to both local and federal regulations, water contamination continues to proliferate. From noticing strange smells or tastes to simply looking closer, here are some warning signs to look out for that could mean you’re dealing with polluted water:

  • Cloudy or colored water – Hard water, which has high mineral contents, exists is roughly 80% of U.S. homes. As a result, drinking water contains significant amounts of minerals and other substances. If you notice cloudy or discolored water, do not drink the water. Instead, consult a water treatment specialist.


  • Unpleasant odor – If your drinking water smells bad, there could be some serious problems going on. Similarly, water that smells like choline or sulfur could lead to health issues like dehydration and intestinal diseases.


  • Bad tasting water – For the most part, water should be fresh and have no flavor at all. So, if your water tastes a little strange, don’t just ignore it, have it treated. Bitter or metallic tasting water is most common, but any taste in your home’s drinking water likely means there are dangerous substances lurking and should not be consumed.

Make sure you’re taking your home’s drinking water seriously and never ignore any of these polluted water signs — your family’s health depends on it. If you want to learn more about how to achieve cleaner water and address any kind of water issue you’re dealing with, give us a call right away!


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