4 Common Types of Commercial HVAC Problems

If you own a building, you have a HVAC system that needs to be cared for. A heating and air conditioning system can be big or small, but they’re all made of interconnected parts that need to be maintained. Hire a heat pump repair company to do your maintenance. Even if you know about air conditioning system maintenance, you should still bring in a pro to do the actual work. That way, you’re sure that it is done correctly. This investment will make your system last longer before needing to be replaced. It also saves you money on expensive repairs, since problems are caught much earlier.

When you do need repairs to AC air systems, talk to your usual maintenance provider. They’re already familiar with your system, so they’ll be able to diagnose the problem much faster than someone who is seeing it for the first time. If you don’t already have a maintenance provider, get one now. That way, not only will you get the benefits of regular maintenance, but you’ll also have someone to call immediately when things go wrong.

Air conditioning is an invention that many people feel they couldn’t live without. You can credit the invention of air conditioning to Willis Carter. In 1902, Carter invented air conditioning in order to stop his paper from expanding and ink from running. There’s no doubt that this invention became extremely popular. In fact, research shows that heating and cooling make up for over 50% of all energy used throughout a typical American home. Considering that, many businesses rely on HVAC systems to ensure that indoor temperatures remain comfortable. However, it’s important to be aware of which issues could cause your commercial HVAC system to stop working. Here are four of the most common commercial heating and cooling problems.

  • Hearing Strange Sounds

    In most cases, businesses are fairly noisy environments. Certain businesses need employees to speak to clients around the clock. Other places of business are noisy due to machinery and equipment. However, certain noises occurring throughout a commercial building might be due to heating and cooling problems. There are many components working together while an HVAC system is operating. Unfortunately, any of these components can wear down or break as times goes on. In turn, this often leads people to begin hearing strange noises after turning on the heater or air conditioner. If you’re hearing strange noises in your building, it’s wise to contact a commercial AC repair company.
  • HVAC Unit Stops Working

    If small problems aren’t taken care of, you might that your commercial HVAC unit shuts down. There are many reasons for an HVAC system to stop working. Certain HVAC experts report that almost 75% of no heat calls during the winter are related to a lack of maintenance. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for HVAC units to remain in optimal condition without regular maintenance checks. Therefore, having a commercial AC repair company perform inspections on a regular basis could save you a lot of problems in the future.
  • Heating and Cooling Bills Begin to Increase

    Not all types of heating and cooling problems are easy to notice. Considering that, many people don’t learn about these problems until they notice energy bills begin to skyrocket. Part of owning a successful business is knowing when to avoid excess expenses. If your commercial HVAC system isn’t in optimal condition, you’re likely wasting money on energy costs. It’s imperative to contact a commercial AC repair company after noticing that your energy bills are rising.
  • Uneven Temperatures Throughout Your Building

    It’s also important to watch out for cool or hot spots throughout your commercial building. This situation tends to create uncomfortable conditions for people in certain areas of your office. There are several reasons why an HVAC system is unable to cool or heat each room inside of a property. In many cases, this problem has to do with torn or otherwise damaged air ducts. Air ducts run throughout the inside of a building, making this a problem you’ll want to leave to professionals.

In conclusion, there are several types of commercial heating and cooling problems to watch out for. You’ll want to remember that many types of these problems will only worsen with the passage of time. If you’re dealing with any of the previously mentioned problems, you’ll want to contact a commercial AC repair company. These companies offer a wide range of services including those relating to commercial AC installation and repair.

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