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Facts On Using Commercial Door Locks

Installing a door

There are two things that American homeowners prioritize more than anything else in contemporary society. These two things include safety and security and many homeowners believe it is the most important thing to have a good home to live in. American homeowners will go to great lengths to try and have a home that is safe to be in and protects them from danger.

One of the best steps a homeowner can take to improving the security of their home is installing a commercial door lock. Plenty of people seem to think that getting a deadbolt installed on their door is a good way to protect their home but that is not the case. Here are all of the facts on installing an

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Former Hell’s Angels Bikers Sentenced for Locksmith Shop Meth Trafficking

Installing a door

Bruno and Nuno Da Silva are former members of the notorious biker gang Hell’s Angels, but that’s not why authorities came after the biker brothers from Brisbane, Australia. According to the local news source, the two brothers were using their locksmith shop as a front for a lucrative methylamphetamine trafficking operation.

The brother’s locksmith shop, Millennium Locks, was operating as a legit supplier of different types of keys, commercial door locks, and other standard functions of a locksmith, according to Crown prosecutor Glen Cash.

“There wasn’t evidence that these men were buying Ferraris or helicopters or extravagant

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