Facts On Using Commercial Door Locks

Installing a door

There are two things that American homeowners prioritize more than anything else in contemporary society. These two things include safety and security and many homeowners believe it is the most important thing to have a good home to live in. American homeowners will go to great lengths to try and have a home that is safe to be in and protects them from danger.

One of the best steps a homeowner can take to improving the security of their home is installing a commercial door lock. Plenty of people seem to think that getting a deadbolt installed on their door is a good way to protect their home but that is not the case. Here are all of the facts on installing and utilizing a commercial door lock.

Stats and data both point to commercial door locks being a premiere option for homeowners who want a safe home. Deadbolts are improperly installed in almost 10% of all homes. This is incredibly dangerous when installing a door because it will allow for thieves to easily break into the home.

Hiring reliable locksmiths to work on your door is a great way to ensure that your home is kept safe. A locksmith is a true expert in terms of installing a secure commercial door lock that will help prevent a door from being opened up with force. These types of commercial door locks can even be electronic which means that they will only open with a passcode.

Out of all break-ins, just about 34% of them will involve a criminal breaking into the front door of a home. This statistic proves that most criminals have a really easy way of breaking into homes. In the year of 2013, data suggested that burglary crimes that involved residential properties comprised almost 75% of all burglary offenses.

There is plenty of more data that has been collected and released to help homeowners understand the patterns of burglaries. For instance, just about 63% of all residential burglaries will take place during the day. Plus, in the year of 2013, nearly 60% of all break-ins were done as a result of forced entry.

People who rent their residence, like apartments for instance, are very likely to be victims of burglary, unfortunately. This means that people who rent their homes are 85% more likely to experience a break-in. In that very same year of 2013, there were almost 2 million burglaries that cost the victims of these burglaries nearly $4.5 in terms of property loss.

In Conclusion

These types of crimes are unfortunate but there is no slowing down criminals and thieves. While there could be steps taken by society to attack the roots of crime, these types of actions have yet to be taken. Unfortunately, society is not moving in the right direction when tackling crime and thus crime is only going to continue to occur. It is safe to say that your best course of action is to try and protect your home from any potential danger.

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