Pentek DGD Filters For Your Home

Pentek filtration

If you are in the market for a whole house filtration system, the Pentek DGD may be just what you were looking for. The Pentek dgd 5005 filter offers two different density layers to improve its performance. The first layer is a 50 micron sediment filter, the second is a 5 micron extra fine sediment water filter. Using two stages means this filter will clog less often then straight 5 micron filters. This Pentek filtration system allows more water to be filtered faster, and keeps even very fine rust, dust, dirt and sand particles from coming out your faucet.

Pentek water filter cartridges are made of pure polypropylene plastic giving them a solid construction that is chemical and corrosion resistant. The spun polypropylene of the filter also inhibits bacterial growth on its surface, a problem with filters made from paper and other organic materials. Pentek DGD filters are so effective they can even be use in commercial and industrial filtration applications. This kind of filtration system is great for people who draw water directly from an aquifer or well.

Customers who receive water directly from these types of sources will notice that there is a whole lot of sediment and rust that comes in unfiltered water. Placing a two step Pentek DGD filter in your house will keep that gunk from building up in your sinks and showers. The large capacity of a Pentek DGD means that your water will be filtered without a loss of water pressure, which is experienced with many similar filter systems.

Filtering all water that enters a home with a whole house filter not only eliminates sediments, it also eliminates the risk or drinking or showering in contaminated water. While most urban dwellers never consider if the water provided by municipalities is safe, rural residents can have this concern. Installation of a whole house filtration system and a Pentek DGD filter cartridge can relieve this worry.

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