Fiberglass Shower Base

Shower base

Installing a traditional shower floor requires a masonry base and ceramic tile. However, there are many other options available for shower floors. For example, a fiberglass shower base may be an attractive option you should consider. A fiberglass shower base provides plenty of benefits that other types of shower floors do not offer. The skill set for installing a masonry base with ceramic tiles on type is quite high. Installing a fiberglass shower base, on the other hand, is relatively simple and no significant knowledge is required. In fact, there are online tutorials that are easy to follow if you want to install fiberglass shower bases.

Although your local hardware store may carry a wide variety of shower bases, there are more options and discounts available online. One of the main advantages associated with a fiberglass shower base is less work. There is no need to replace the walls when you install a shower base made of fiberglass. Installing ceramic tiles is a process that requires the replacement of the base of the walls. A fiberglass shower base prevents water from damaging wall bases as well. Some shower bases are slip free. A special pattern or design is created in fiberglass to prevent the possibility of slipping in the shower.

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