Find the Perfect Company to Repair Your Air Conditioning

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When looking for someone to repair air conditioning, home and business owners cannot afford to take chances. Faulty air conditioning and heating systems can wreak havoc on a families electricity bill, especially if something goes on the fritz at the wrong time of year. While these days water heating accounts for an approximately 25% of the total energy consumption in the average single family home, the ideal heating and air conditioning repair experts should be able to work on a wide variety of systems.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, or EIA, it is estimated that 76% of homes across the Midwestern U.S. have central air. A fact that may surprise some people who have experienced the heat firsthand is that only 38% of houses throughout the Western U.S. have central air all summer long.

The ideal company to repair air conditioning will have no issue helping their clients program their home systems for efficiency, which is becoming a very popular trend in the U.S. According to the EIA, the number of homes with a programmable thermostat is approximately 65%. Single family homes account for the vast majority of central air systems, 89% in all.

The right 24 hour AC repair service should also be able to give people advice about how to further protect their homes from excessive heat and cold. With proper weathering, home and business owners could find themselves in a position to receive a tax credit or two. More on this:

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