How to Avoid Expensive Air Conditioning Repair Bills

Air conditioning repair costs

Did you know that, according to HomeAdvisor, the average HVAC repair in the U.S. costs an estimated $411, while the average heating unit repair in the United States costs $342? Most Americans cannot live without heating and air conditioning services, as evidenced by Great Depression movie theaters, who provided the luxury of air conditioning even during those economic hardships. Allowing your unit to break down not only means having to face up to expensive air condition repair bills, but also living without that comfort. However, following some simple tips can keep the air condition repair bills at bay, as well as save you money on energy bills!

Firstly, it’s important for homeowners to have their HVAC units inspected at least twice a year, and remove the air filter. Residential air conditioning repair professionals advise homeowners to change the filter at least four times a year, which will help ensure that the air being breathed is cleaner.

Secondly, make sure that HVAC system and your air conditioning unit isn’t overworked. This will help lead to saved energy, and lower bills. One way to save energy is to put an outdoor central air unit underneath a tree’s shade, which will cut energy costs by up to 10%, because the unit will not heat up as much. Also, while it’s important not to run the air condition unit at all times, it’s equally important not to let your home become too hot. According to air conditioning professionals, units only change a room’s temperature by about 20 degrees, so a 100 degree room can only be cooled to about 80 degrees.

Thirdly, as a way to avoid avoid expensive air condition repair bills from overwork, use fans to help cool your home, and keep the heat out by closing windows and doors, ensuring proper insulation. In the morning, it’s important to close East facing windows, and at sun down, West facing windows. This will help keep the amount of heat in your home to a minimum.

Air condition repair bills can cause trauma to your bank account. There are many ways to avoid air condition repair bills. It’s most important to efficiently use, and not to overwork your unit, which will also lead to lower energy bills as well. If you have any questions about how to avoid large air condition repair bills, feel free to ask in the comments! Read more articles like this.

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