Looking for a New Home? Find One With Contemporary Designs Already Installed

Luxury living in the mid west

When it comes to looking for Santa fe luxury homes for sale, potential buyers will have lots of different preferences. While some might want a big, well-maintained yard that gives their kids room to play, others might prefer and open space that allows them to build their own completely unique interior design. But regardless of other specific preferences, almost every buyer wants a nice kitchen. In fact, the National Kitchen and Bath Association, or NKBA, found that a renovated kitchen was the second most popular remodel that potential buyers requested last year, surpassed only by new bathrooms.

One of the main things that people look for in the kitchen when checking out condos for sale is granite counter tops. The NKBA reported that granite counter tops were the number one choice in the USA as 87% of potential buyers preferred them. While there are lots of different kitchen designs and materials that can be used, granite seems to be the trend that is leading the way today. So anybody looking to buy or build a home that has a contemporary feel should think about granite.

Of course, no kitchen is complete without the right accessories and fixtures. And while some home buyers might prefer functionality over anything else, if they want a completely modern look, they will have to find the most trendy items. According to the NKBA, satin nickel fixtures currently reign supreme as they accounted for 60% of all fixture purchases for homeowners last year. As a result, many owners of the condos for sale who are looking to sell quickly might want to have them installed as a simple way to give a home the contemporary look that buyers covet.

Although many new homeowners will do it after purchasing a house, painting is a hassle that many want to avoid. Because of that, they might prefer a home that has all of the colors they like already on the walls. Today, those colors might actually be grey, since, a report by the NKBA this year found that 55% of homeowners used a neutral grey tone in their kitchen or bathroom. While grey and other earth tones might seem a bit dull to some, the condos for sale that feature the color in bathrooms or kitchens might go off the market quicker than others.

There are lots of things that home buyers look for when researching and touring different homes. But if they want a contemporary look, the recent findings from the National Kitchen and Bath Association should certainly be considered.

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