Avoid Dog Day Afternoons by Investing in AC

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Al Pacino, with his wilted collar and dampened hair hanging into his eyes, showed us that the heat, especially when you are trying to rob a bank, can make any situation more stressful in the 1975 film Dog Day Afternoon. Though you probably aren’t planning on robbing a bank any time in the near future, fighting back against the heat if you want to stay relaxed and comfortable during the hot summer months. While there are a bunch of different ways to do that, including heading to the lake or relaxing by the pool to take a dip when you get hot, investing in working air conditioning units is always a good idea.

According to reports from the EIA, an estimated 87% of homes in the United States have air conditioning systems, and roughly three quarters in the West and Midwest have central air. This means that, every summer, during heat waves that might make Dog Day Afternoon seem refreshing, lots of Americans are heading indoors to relax and stay cool. Some might even prefer to get fan repairs so that they can simply place one in the window and bask in the breeze, rather than trying to cool down outside.

Unfortunately, even the strongest and most dependable AC units will need fan repairs and other maintenance to stay running for a long time. In the U.S., the typical HVAC system can last for an additional decade if it receives the proper maintenance, so bringing in experts to quickly fix problems or just provide general upkeep is smart for every homeowner. Investing in regular air conditioning services can help make sure they stay comfortable during the worst heat waves every summer.

There are several different problems that could cause AC units to stop working, which means it can be difficult for homeowners to figure out exactly what needs to be done. Issues with faulty wiring, frozen coils, the outside unit needing a fan repair, clogged air ducts, and even just low refrigerant could all cause air conditioning to simply blow out hot air. Having professionals diagnose the problem and make quick repairs is vital if you want to avoid hot summer nights that make it difficult to get to sleep.

When it gets hot outside, everything gets more stressful, especially if you have to push through daily tasks feeling lethargic. While Pacino might have been sweating while robbing a bank during even a blizzard, you probably don’t want to sweat when trying to get a good night’s sleep. So making sure you have a working AC unit is a must during the hot summer months. See this link for more: minutemanhomeservices.com

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