Four Ways to Spend Less Money Watering Your Landscape

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About 15% of the average American household’s water is spent on watering lawns and gardens. About 9 billion gallons, are spent on residential landscape irrigation in the U.S. each day. It’s a good idea for both your wallet, and the environment, to conserve water. Water is a finite resource, and overusing it can contribute to droughts and trouble with local water tables.

Having a beautiful yard that incorporates water-wise landscaping isn’t as hard as you think, and there are many changes that you can easily make to your outdoor area this spring. Are you ready to hit the refresh button on your landscaping and get a water-saving design that’s sure to impress? Here are a few tips and ideas for landscaping supplies you’ll need.

1. Choose Native Plants

Native plants are flowers, shrubs and other plants that are originally from your local area. They will already be suitably adapted to your climatic conditions, and will need more watering than what rain provides. Note: it is important to keep new plants moist, however.

2. Use Mulch

Colored mulch is not just for decoration — mulch helps to keep moisture in soil by preventing evaporation. Since mulch is typically comprised of tree bark or other organic materials, it can also help provide soil nutrients. Keep in mind: pine needles are commonly used but should not be excessively applied, as they have a slight acidifying effect.

3. Rockscaping Has Unique Appeal

Rocks are good for more than just garden paths. Incorporating more rocks into your garden can help to reduce the amount of money you spend hydrating plants and lawn. This doesn’t mean you should get rid of all plants. Some homeowners, though, find decorative gravel to be a pleasant departure from the traditional grassy lawn. Large rocks can similarly be eye-catching while still blending organically with the surrounding landscape.

4. Water Your Plants Differently

It seems so obvious, yet an often overlooked solution is changing your watering methods. Soaker hoses, which are inexpensive to purchase, have thousands of tiny holes that water spurts out of. By using these in the early morning to water your plants, you can save up to 70% of the water you would use with traditional sprinkler systems.

Do you have tips on landscaping supplies or plants homeowners can buy for a more water friendly yard? Let us know in the comments. For more information, read this website.

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