Two Ways to Successfully Design a Handicapped Bathroom

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Did you know that a bathroom needs a makeover once every twenty years? A typical bathroom makeover often consists of painting and getting new fixtures, but some individuals require makeovers that make their bathrooms more handicap accessible. Handicap bathrooms are often difficult to design, though, so there are two important things to consider when creating a handicapped bathroom.

1. Make space for a wheelchair. The problem with typical bathroom remodel designs is that they do not leave enough room for wheelchairs. However, handicapped bathroom remodeling is a special type of project that demands enough room for wheelchairs. This can be done by expanding the bathroom doorway to at least 36 inches wide, as well as by leaving enough space under the sink so that the wheelchair user can wheel right up to it. By creating a handicapped bathroom remodeling design that accommodates wheelchair accessibility, the project will be more successful.

2. Install grab bars. Your bathroom remodeling project should include the installation of grab bars, as well. Grab bars allow people to stand and lower themselves safely, and they can be installed in the shower and on each side of the toilet. However, grab bars often hold the entire weight of a person, so they must be installed properly so that they do not break off the wall. Fortunately, bathroom remodeling companies are able to correctly install grab bars so that users can safely utilize them.

In order to properly design a handicapped bathroom, there are two important things to consider. Not only should you make enough space for a wheelchair, but it is prudent to install grab bars, as well. By including these two elements in your design, you will be able to create an accommodating handicap bathroom. This is a great source for more:

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