Want to Boost Business? Welcome Your Customers with Automatic Entrance Doors

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If you own a business, you know how important it is to make a good first impression as soon as your customers arrive at the building. Storefronts need to be attractive and clean in order to entice customers to enter, and financial institutions, offices, and other businesses need to have a polished and professional look. No matter what products or services you’re offering, the one thing that can let customers form an opinion of your business right away is the type of entry doors your business uses.

Manual doors, meaning those you have to push or pull to open, can sometimes drive customers away. If you find that your doors are heavy or confusing for customers, it may be time to make the switch to automatic entrance doors. These types of entry doors are available as automatic swing doors and automatic sliding glass doors, and both of these are excellent options for any commercial building.

Wondering about how automatic entrance doors can benefit your establishment? Check out these great advantages below:

1. Convenience: Customers walking into the store will feel welcomed as the doors open for them. Many people can struggle to open heavy doors, and if there are high winds, pulling a door open can be incredibly difficult. Also, when your customers leave, they will have the doors open for them once more, so they don’t have to struggle with opening a door with a cart or bags in hand.

2. Accessibility: For many people, not being able to access a business because of a disability can be a huge inconvenience. In the United States, the Americans with Disabilities Act specifies that those who are physically disabled cannot be denied entry into any establishment. Having an automatic door makes it easy for disabled individuals to shop or use other services, and it helps them retain their independence by not having to ask someone to hold a door for them. Automatic doors for disabled individuals can operate either by sensors or by a switch located a few feet from the door to open it.

3. Efficiency: You’ve probably encountered the following scenario before — it’s the middle of winter and someone has left the door open, letting all of the heat seep out of the building. Energy costs are high, so conserving heat during the winter and electricity from air conditioning in the summer is important for any business. Having automatic opening doors can ensure that you save money on your utility bills.

4. Security: Traditional doors have locks that are easy to pick, and it’s easy to leave them unlocked; also, wooden doors can be kicked in. Automatic door systems, however, can be locked easily, so you’ll know that your business is safe. And even though the doors are made from glass, this glass is tempered to withstand attempted burglaries, in addition to other rough conditions such as inclement weather.

If you haven’t considered using automatic entrance doors for your business, you may be losing the business of potential customers and unintentionally shutting out others. To get an automatic door system for your business, talk to an expert door and window installer as soon as possible, and if you have questions, leave them in the comments. Find more on this here.

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