Plumbing Advice to Consider When Fixing a Leaky Faucet



The plumbing in buildings today is more sophisticated than it once used to be. Pipes may be made of brass, copper, plastic or some other nontoxic material and may route water to your home with the help of a high-pressure pump. Of course not all systems will be the same, which is why in some cities, like New York, only licensed master plumbers are permitted to work on pipes in a building. To an untrained eye gas and water lines can easily be confused making fixing a leaky faucet a dangerous task if the wrong pipe is tampered with.Fixing a leaky faucet can sometimes be more than just needed a twist of a wrench. Even the most skilled do it yourself home handyman requires plumbing help now and again. When fixing a leaky faucet is on your to do list, consider some of the following information and plumbing advice.

Many homeowners do not realize the root of a plumbing problem may be at the street where the lines come off of the main lines. Water lines carry gallons of water at a time and over time can weaken, leak or even break. Fixing a leaky faucet may be a small repair in the home, but could indicate a bigger issue lurking outside. A trained plumber can identify the source of a plumbing problem while fixing a leaky faucet.

With so many users, sewer and drain cleaning are needed to keep lines clear and free of clogs. If a drain is blocked and backs up, water can flood the basement or other area of a home. Just a few inches of water could mean thousands of dollars in damages. It is best when fixing a leaky faucet to examine the other water and drain lines to make sure there are no clogs or other leaks. While there are chemicals you can use to unclog a drain, plumbers offer drain cleaning services for larger or stubborn blockages.

Fixing a leaky faucet can be a quick and easy do it yourself project. But, if fixing a leaky faucet leads to an encounter with other plumbing complications consider professional assistance from a plumber. It could save you time and money in the long run.


Clogged drains are another major inconvenience. A small clog can lead to slow water flow while a bigger clog might cause backups and pipe damage. So if you are going to take care of a clog yourself, make sure you know what you’re doing. Look up plumbing advice for your situation.

There are tutorials available for different products and solutions when it comes to a clogged drain. What’s best for drain clogs will vary depending on what kind of clog you’ve got. The best hair dissolving drain cleaner might come in handy if your shower is blocked with hair. The best home plumbing snake will work well here as well. But it will also able to handle non-hair-related clogs, so it serves multiple purposes.

Sometimes a simple baking soda solution might do the trick. Other times you might need to replace some part of your plumbing. If you’re unsure what the best option is in your situation, make sure you call a professional in to help you.

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