Who Wouldn’t Want a Gazebo?

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Take a look at your landscaping and think about what you could do to improve it. More plants? Another tree? Colored mulch? You will probably be able to come up with dozens of ideas, but something that may not have entered your mind is a gazebo.

Of course, backyard gazebos are not always visible to someone who walks by the front of your house, but wooden gazebos on your front lawn can be quite the conversation piece. You can pick from several different wood grains, stains, and styles. You can even fill the gazebo with smaller plants, or simply surround it with carefully positioned shrubs, flowers, or greenery to make it pop.

Here are a few different kinds of gazebos you can consider.

  • Canopy. This is one of the more common choices, as it is portable and fairly light weight. Fitted with a canvas cover, these gazebos can be moved from one location to another, so if you are looking for front and backyard gazebos, this may be the best one to choose. You can also find ones that are constructed out of iron or metal if you want something more permanent.
  • Garden Gazebos. The materials used to make these kinds of gazebos vary quite a bit, as some of them are wooden garden gazebos, and others can be made from plastic or iron. You can also have a half-wooden, half-metal one placed in your yard if you want. Ultimately it will add aesthetic appeal to your garden.
  • Pergolas. These gazebos are a bit more regal, and contain pillars that support high archways. They can be made from wood or vinyl, but are typically manufactured from wrought iron, and they tend to be much longer than a traditional gazebo. You could also have it constructed using a combination of glass and stone, making for an exquisite design.

So, you don’t necessarily have to go to too much trouble to up your lawn’s fashion sense — a gazebo could be just the right touch. More on this.

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