It’s Not The Fountain Of Youth, But These Tips Will Help You Live Longer!

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Many aging Americans do not realize that they have an incredible amount of influence when it comes to exactly how long they will — or will not — live. Some simple tricks can easily improve the quality of American seniors lives, promote good health, and increase seniors’ chances of living longer, too. What are the best secrets to living a longer, and more fulfilled, life?

Cheer Up, For Good

Are you depressed? Unfortunately, the following statistic may do very little to cheer you up. If you can conquer depression and generally have a positive outlook on life and aging, studies show you’re going to live longer. In fact, Americans shaved an average of eight years off of their lives with just one common behavior. What was it? Just by dreading aging or making negative associations with growing old, Americans lived an average of eight years less! In other words, your friend who is so happy and chipper that it’s almost annoying has the right idea, and, if you don’t learn a thing or two from him or her, you probably won’t live as long, either.

Why Exercise Is Critical For People Of All Ages

Slips and falls are the most common injury among American seniors, and they can be among the most serious, too. Hang onto your autonomy and independence by vastly reducing the likelihood of one of these injuries. How? Moderate exercise three to five times a week can make an incredible difference. This can include some small-scale weight lifting, walking on the treadmill, or even things like gardening.

Changes Around The House May Prolong Your Life

Finally, think twice when purchasing bathroom equipment and carefully consider bathroom safety for seniors, and you may live longer, and more independently, too! Walk in tubs enable seniors to bathe on their own, and safely, too. Walk in tubs and showers often take up less space and give aging Americans the option of bathing with a handheld shower attachment or filling up the tub.

Want to live longer? Work on your attitude, and carefully make decisions around the house, especially when it comes to purchasing bathroom equipment. Helpful sites:

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