Top Five Custom Home Interior Design Trends

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If you’ve been looking into any luxury homes for sale, you may have noticed that many custom home builders allow you to choose what you want in your home. Home buyers planning to build or buy modern luxury homes commonly cite energy efficiency, an open layout, a warranty, and being able to select appliances as major factors driving their purchase choice.

Custom home interiors for new homes can often be much cheaper than deciding to update your old home. Major construction such as a full kitchen remodel in an old home can cost as much as $58,000, which an attic bedroom conversion could cost around $51,000.

The choice of custom home interiors is one of the major factors driving the 29% increase in new home sales, from 431,000 in 2013 to 557,000 in 2014. Its time to find out what are the most popular custom home designs this year

Move Over, White: Gray is coming to town, and its here to stay for awhile. Instead of choosing white cabinets, new home owners are going for a chic gray color. Depending on what type of mood you want in your kitchen, opt for either a light or dark gray color.

Function Over Form: Modern cabinets are much different from the normal wood. Many hardware manufacturers are seeing a trend in cabinets that open in unique ways and display their contents in a fun way as well. Remember, custom home interiors isn’t all about aesthetics, it’s about functionality, too.

Bold Lights: Bold light fixtures should make a statement yet not overwhelm the room. For a kitchen and family door, color isn’t the only thing to make your lights pop — keep design and shape in mind. Most home owners are choosing oversized light fixtures these days.

Maximize Storage: Everyone hates a house with not much storage, so if you are going for a custom home interior, make sure to have plenty of kitchen, basement, and garage storage space for all of your appliances.

Smart Appliances: Speaking of appliances, custom home interiors are increasingly adding features such as automatic sinks and sensor-activated lights. Many of these features are also eco-friendly. Of those who built a National Green Building Standard house, 92% would purchase another green home.

All About Countertops: Gone are the days of having a granite, quartz, or laminate countertop. Now many new home owners are going for bolder materials — concrete, wood, and marble. These fashion forward materials can add a focal point to any kitchen.

Based on the growing economy and pent up demand for new houses and customer interiors, there is no better time to map out your custom home floor plan for your next dream home.
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